Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UFO is now a baby quilt!

This little quilt was 16 years in the making...no , not because
it was hard. The center was a panel that Miss Leah picked
out for her new nephew...the older brother of the quilt holder
in this picture! I think it will instead go to younger baby! It's been so long since I started this quilt I have no idea
why it was on hold for so long!
the quilt on yesterdays blog is my pick and choose quilt.
I am only making a block a week at this point in time.
if I ever get all 30 blocks cut out I will probably put it away
until I am closer to done. I am cutting the blocks as I work on my scrap management and I leave it up so I do not repeat any of the dark or medium fabric...yes, there are less of the
lights so they are repeated in many blocks. thank you for the posivive feed back on this quilt. I love the way it is coming together!


Veronica said...

What a bright, lovely quilt, Ann. The lucky baby will have a lot of colors to focus on. Great job! Hugs..

Mags said...

This is just too cute. I love the colors and cannot believe that I have not seen it before now. The border could not have been a better choice. Some lucky baby will just love those bright colors. That is a panal never to be found again, too bad as it is so delightful.