Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am going to think progress in march!

Life is busy and often frustrating...but I am going to keep thinking progress!  there is lots
to get done around here, and I will keep chipping away at it...I spent last year bogged down
worring about what needed done...self defeating.  this year I have been focusing on what is getting
done!  Even the baby steps add up suprisingly fast!  I am always suprised when I look back to see how much is done or well on the road to being done as I keep up with the baby steps. 

Off to get my day started...ann


Irene's Quilting Corner said...

MISS YOU!!!!! Soon I will be back to a normal(?) schedule, whatever that is!

ANudge said...

That's the way, Ann - I, too, start to worry about what's getting done instead of the positive what I did. I'm sticking to my 15 minutes a day of quilting play and getting more done than I thought>. It's the little steps that keep us moving forward.

ANudge said...

I mean't isn't getting done in that last message, but you know that. See I'm in so much denial I can't even type it as I think it-LOL.

Appalachian Quilts said...

I'm thinking progress in March, too! Too many UFOs, too little time! LOL