Saturday, February 16, 2008

i have uploaded a picture of a kids quilt that i piece and quilted for church. definately a girls quilt. i now have a large quilt on auntie grace for us. this one is large enough that i will have to turn the quilt and work from the other end
to get it done so i hope to get this one done by the end of the month...i know, i am slow. my pile of quilts that need quilting keeps growing.

its a beautiful day here today the snow on the ground just sparkles. nice after a long stretch of ohio grey days, i think tomarrow is to be grey once again. time to get back to work


Sunday, February 10, 2008

finely...settled in at home

i even brought the cold weather home with me. i had a wonderful time at leah's.
the only fault with the trip was it was cold in arizona!!! i expected that here,
but not there. even had lots of cold rainy grey days.

spent 4 days in payson, i expected to be cold there, but not phoenix. i did quite a bit of sewing both at sues in payson and at leah's. got a childrens quilt center done for church, more blocks for my sisters choice quilt done and ofcoarse i had my
carolina crossroads step 1 for leader enders. i wish i would get my commitments done
so i could seriously work on the CC...but the more i get done as leader enders the less i will have to do when i can really work on it. it really looks like a neat quilt.

time to get my day started