Thursday, March 5, 2009

a quick update

i have not posted in a timely manner...larry has had some scary changes and we spent over
8 hours in the local ER and have appointments today and monday to find what is going on.

they think it is cancer progressing, ther were X rays and CT scans...checking for blood clots
in his lungs, there were none. larry went from potsing around the house even doing a flight of steps several times a day to almost no activity. any activity definately affects his O2 level.

i am scared, there is nothing i ca do to make it all better. around him i keep my chin up
and try to keep normal activity up in fact to day i will be putting binding on my sisters choice
quilt if i change my activity it scares him which makes things worse for him. i am so
glad i brought a sewing machine up to the living room so i can keep him company
and let him see normal activity.


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