Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yes! Finely

i finished something!!! granted it's small, but brad's bath mat is finely done! what next? i decided to do the tacking of the binding of drew and laura's sisters choice quilt by machine, i am using a decorative stitch on it. i was going to do the tacking by hand, but the quilt just sat here for 2 weeks and i did nothing. this morning i decided to take my own advice, "done is better than perfect" so its now on my machine.

larry is tired today, says he is planning to get lots of naps. he probably could if the phone wouldn't keep waking him up. speaking of larry he just said he is i am going to get him something to eat



Veronica said...

Your bathmat is too cute, Ann. Hang in there, hon! Prayers for you and Larry.

Yvonne said...

Ann I love the bathmats. I just may have to attempt to make one and you will have to tell me how. Did you just make up the pattern? So cute. Great way to use scraps to.