Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Design wall Monday...on Wednesday

well the design wall is kinda organized...Cully's quilt just
needs his borders. He has the inner border cut just has to assemble it. his double 4 patch is to the right.
to the left of that is the start of my geese, then further left
towards the top are the simple scrappy treasures blocks
that I am working on...blow them are my goose creek
blocks. far left are the snow ball and 9 patch blocks.
Are you confused yet?
on the chair is my assembled Jacobs ladder with one
half of the first solid border. I still have to put the top and bottom strips on.
I will be glad to get all the geese made...I don't think I
have enough cut...but i will wait til i have these sewn and
offset and then if i need to i will cut more.
i have not been getting much done as far as sewing goes.
things here are way great, have spent my sewing time playing and visiting with miss Leah.

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Vickie said...

every thing looks great. I'm glad you are having a grand time with leigh. Maybe some day I will get the backing for my "every thing but the kitchen sink" quilt and get it off to you. Miss you!