Sunday, August 2, 2009

stash report #31

I have no changes from last week...i spent most of the week sorting and potsing around.
did a lot of frog stitching. I hope to see more progress next week. and i know i will spend
a lot of time sorting and cutting. Stash management has become a priority.


Cheryl Willis said...

I go in stages, I am getting better about the cutting and sorting, took me 20 yrs to get a system that works for me. I enjoy each part of the process that I am working on. So if I want to sew, I do. Only thing I never got into was making lists, I have tons of UFO's but no documentation of them. be good cw

ANudge said...

Could you tell us (maybe you already did) how you found out how much yardage you have on hand. I have a bookshelf full as well as about 12 boxes, 10 bags, 2 large closet drawers and 12 plastic shoe boxes. Is there a quick way I can come up with an idea of how much I have? And when I work with ufos, how do I count them toward stash used? Seems insurmountable!