Thursday, August 13, 2009

what happened here

i was at quilt camp last week end...and this is
as close as i came to putting stuff away...ah well
at least i can still sew as long as i don't knock a
stack over. had a great time! there is just something about quilting with friends!
Yes i have a stash report...I was down to about
1/2 yard of yellows...befor quilt camp. came home with 8 yds of yellow @ 2.50 a yard so my numbers went up not down
yardage busted this week 00 yds
yardage busted this year 98.5 yds
yardage added 8 yds
yardage added this year 334.5 yds
net used for year minus 236 yds
I do not have to send penalty charms in to stashbusters challenge...this is still from the gift
money i was given for Christmas and B day just for fabric.
I probably will not get much sewing done this week...I am planning a major trip.
I was asked after my last report how i figured the original total amnt of fabric I have.
I weighed it...figuring about 3.50 yds per pound...i know its closer to 3.74 but weighed it containers and all... I know i don't have an accurate number but i have a number...
maybe if i get every thing down to a few shelves i will measure. I even weighed the boxes of
scraps cause i figure i use them too.


Vickie said...

oh my gosh!!!!! I hope your major trip is coming south for a while

Mags said...

I love your mess :-)

Veronica said...

Have a great trip, Ann. Bless your mess!

ANudge said...

Thanks, Ann. I'll get my scale and start weighing those piles.

Francine said...

Now do you see why I hate string quilts and the mess they make?

Grove City