Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hmmmmmmmmmm pretty dark

i guess i have to learn how to take pictures with the new camera...this is the center of a baby quilt. it is a fairly dark quilt but not this dark...i guess i should figure out how to
lighten the picture...or use the camera. given time i will
get it all together. I have to decide on borders...i thnik i have made up my mind on the inner border will probably put it on later this week.

Things here have been busy...I spent Fri and sat quilting with friends...truely a good time. Have been busy here at
home since then, trying to get a border on a quilt for a friend, only two more long seams and its out the door. I have now completed 6 blocks of my pick and choose quilt.
Irene is getting a break...she ran out of stuff at our sit and sew so she is up to block 9 and has decided to wait for me
to catch up.

Back to the borders

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Mags said...

Hmmm may have been the lighting in the room to or maybe too close to the topic which will darken it, sometimes. I still like it, alot.