Monday, October 26, 2009

design wall is a jumble

this week...I have 3 ongoing projects on part of the wall
the other wall is a bunch of orphan blocks that i decided
to put together for a kids quilt for church...this is not yet written in stone...its still an the audition stage...but getting close to the final layout. there are enough orphan blocks around here for more than one quilt so i decided to start playing with them.
the other part of the wall has my finished pick and choose
blocks on it. I know I am not very far but i put the blocks up so i dont duplicate the colored fabrics. this is coming out of
my scraps and once i get all 30 blocks and the border cut these will probably come down until I get closer to done.
i am still doing about 1 block a week and figure they will be
done and ready to sash by Apr the meantime I
am trying to get other tops done.
also hanging on this wall is the start to my bonnie hunters scrappy bargello a solid and kona black that is getting done a little at a time.
i am still working on my Kona black and batik jacobs ladder border. I would have been done long before now if i hadn't made some mistakes that required taking a whole border strip off and redoing. Hope to get
this top done SOON


Cheryl Willis said...

your pick and choose is coming a long very nice!

Morah said...

Your wall is a riot of color and design and I love it!!!