Monday, July 27, 2009

design wall monday July 27, 09

Cully is home from the design wall is
getting quite crowded...both of our focus quilts
are getting pretty large.
Cully's double 4 patch is getting borders. he has one more side to add to 1st border, the whatever
he is going to add next.
the goose creek quilt needs 18 more blocks, so I have a ways to go. I have one more house block to make for the simple scrappy treasures quilt...then i wll be making friendship stars.
i did get one more setof black and solids done on the 9patch and snowball. pulling 3 quilts out of
the UFO stack and working on them for a month seems to be goal was to gain
on them and i have..
this weeks quilting goals are:
1. to get at least one more block done on each of these three quilts.
2. get one more side of my geese border assembled
3. get the bad tension quilting picked out of the batik quilt and restart it.
4. remember to continue working on the kids quilts for Church.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

stash report #30

had another finish this week ... infact it is in the washer as I write this!
I will probably post a picture later today. Any way I have a number

July 26, o9

Fabric added this week 00yds
Fabric added year to date 326.5 yds

fabric busted this week 8.5 yds
fabric busted year to date 98 yds

net fabric busted to date minus 228 yds

Monday, July 20, 2009

Design wall Monday...July 20,09

my design basically has 3 ongoing projects
on it...goose creek blocks are to the left. Since
Cully is at boy scout camp for the week I can use
his space til he is back. It give s me a chance for
a tenitive lay out on my goose creek quilt
I am over half way

I have my right side border on my offset geese
ready to assemble. Once I take them down I
will get the other sides ready to go too. this is
my focus quilt for the week.

My simple scrappy treasures quilt is slowly gaining too...this week i am working on
houses. I made all the frayed 4 patch
blocks so they will go back into the box.

I did get a set of snow ball and 9 patch
made last week...

its going to take a lot of leader enders to get the goose borders assembled to I am using my
ongoing blocks in this way. they dont get done real fast this way however my goal was to gain
on them this month and i think (know) I will.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

stash report #29 July 19, 2009

Since I had a small finish this week I am still getting my numbers to keep creeping down.

Fabric added this week 00 yds
Fabric added this Year 326.5 yds

Fabric busted this week 7.5 yds
Fabric busted this year 89.5 Yds

net fabric busted year to date minus 227 yards

yep I still in the red, but as long as it keeps going down
I feel good...I do know that I have bought less than
20 yards of fabric, the rest was gifted to me and I love
it all! I some times just Pet the fabric! hmmmmmmmm
that doesn't get much busted!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

I finished this Kids quilt for church for one of the boys,
definately a UFO! I am turning it in next week and hopefully i will have his sisters done too. I have about 3 more about
ready to go, and another one barely started. I guess its
a case of just getting to them.
I am slowly gaining on both the UFO list and the WIPS.
Its nice to sandwhich these smaller quilts between the bed
sized ones. I have a full to queen ready to go on the quilt frame...all I have to do is fire up the machine. bobbins are
wound and waiting.
Leah went home yesterday so I was kinda like a lost
puppy today. I think she might be back in october,
if not then during the holidays
I'm tired, I think I am going togive up for the night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Design wall Monday...on Wednesday

well the design wall is kinda organized...Cully's quilt just
needs his borders. He has the inner border cut just has to assemble it. his double 4 patch is to the right.
to the left of that is the start of my geese, then further left
towards the top are the simple scrappy treasures blocks
that I am working on...blow them are my goose creek
blocks. far left are the snow ball and 9 patch blocks.
Are you confused yet?
on the chair is my assembled Jacobs ladder with one
half of the first solid border. I still have to put the top and bottom strips on.
I will be glad to get all the geese made...I don't think I
have enough cut...but i will wait til i have these sewn and
offset and then if i need to i will cut more.
i have not been getting much done as far as sewing goes.
things here are way great, have spent my sewing time playing and visiting with miss Leah.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

stash report 28

I give up I once again miss numbered the week...#27 is in real life this week # 28

I could not get the previous post to edit so i left it and added this one.

one very computer illiterate ann

Stash report week picture

I accually had a finish this week!!! I finished the wedding quilt for Leah's friend...I haven't seen Leah since she delivered it...I hope she likes it!

so my stash report is slowly creeping down!

Stash Report July 12, 09

Fabric busted this week 9.5 yds
Fabric busted yr to date 82. yds

Fabric added this week 00 yds
Fabric added yr to date 326.5 yds

Net stash usage year to date -(minus) 234.5 yds

hopefully i will have anothr finish soon so I will continue to
slowly drop...A

Monday, July 6, 2009

whats on my design wall...July 6,2009

well, right now it looks like a mess...I pulled 3 UFOs from the stack to work on this month.
I sure hope I gain on them...If I bog down on one of them I will switch it out and try
again in an other month to get some thing done on it.
there is snowball and 9 patch from a swap up there from a swap, goose creek from
a no sew swap, and 2 blocks from Simple Scrappy Treasures a BOM from Claudia's
Quilt Shop...all 3 have a long way to go. All I want to do is gain on them.
Cully's quilt that he is working on is really coming together. he has the rows all made and
is ready to sew the horizontal rows.
I finely got the pieced borders on the scrappy X and O quilt only have the last plain borders to add. The batik and kona black Jacobs ladder? i am now piecing an offset flying goose border.
center is done.
had a fun day today, Irene, from Ohio Quilters was here all day ... she was cutting for a quilt,
I was cutting and piecing. It alwas seems to go better when 2 people are working on their
projects...Of coarse cully was here about an hour too!
Tomarrow evening I pick Leah up at the probably won't be a quilty day! I will
really be glad to see her!
every one out there have a great evening!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

stash reports #'s 25 and 26

I had no changes week 24...
Week # 25, I compleated this quilt for one of the kids
at church... so
fabric added this week 00yds
fabric added year to date 317yds
fabric busted this week 10.5 yds
fabric busted year to date 72.5 yds
net busted yr to date - 244.5 yds
I did not report in last week...had puter problems.
My son helped me get back on line so i did the
double report this week. I have another Kids quilt
almost done so hopefully stash will go down once again.
it would be nice to at least break even this year.