Friday, September 25, 2009

Confesions of a closet hand piecer

i hate Y seams, but only by machine by hand
they are a piece of cake! of coarse this means
I am hand sewing this block to be set edge to
edge just cause i love the block...just not by
machine. I know it will take me forever but so do many of the quilts that i do by machine.
Since I have big ambitions, I also have a
grandmothers flower garden that I am piecing
by hand both for the Y seams and all the short
seams. Even tho the process is slow I have discovered I love relaxing with my hand sewing.
Many of my DJ blocks are by hand also. Now
when I take quilting with me to retreats I also take my hand applique etc.
I probably take far more machine work with me...and get more of it done, but the hand work
has become a part of my life...I truely love it.
A friend took this picture for me while I was visiting her home the first of the week, thankyou


Bianca said...

This is a beautiful block. I love the bright colors!!!

Have fun at the retreat. I wish I was there with you all.

Rose Marie said...

I'm starting to do more hand piecing and it is so relaxing. I have EQ6 and there are so many interesting blocks ... but I would only attempt doing some of them by hand. That is an interesting block!