Thursday, July 29, 2010

did this ever happen to you?

i thought I was done making center i laid the quilt out I found I was short 1 connecting
strip ... the one with the green and gold HST on the ends! I went thru the box I have the quilt in...I guess I didn't even cut it! If it got mixed
in with another quilt it will end up being a compensating strip in an odds and ends quilt.
I will recut this strip...maybe, even tonight. I
have a hard time making a quilt out of just 3 or 4
fabrics. i am definately a scrappy quilter...this quilt has spent a year and a half being a leader ender quilt, i am so glad to see the center almost done. Of coarse now I have to think of borders.

Monday, July 26, 2010

design wall monday July 26,2010

I know you are thinking that i am are
right. I am still assembleing the focus(red)
block for the NYE 09 Mystery. since I am using it as a leader ender its taking more time than I expected. Remember the pick and choose quilt?
I am finely making (that includes cutting) a scrappy sashing. I am also as I get enough made
assembleing the quilt...then I have to cut borders
this will take time too...1/2 square triangles, unless I change my mind.

lately I have been spending more time cutting
and quilting than I have been sewing.I don't know haw long that will last...but at least I am
dealing with my boxes of scraps...trying to get tem into some kind of system...I have used most of my 1.5 strips and my 2" strips in my pick and choose quilt so I have to cut more 1.5 I don't
have enough...probably would have if i hadn't cut for a courthouse step quilt at the same time.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

stash report July 25, 2010

Yikes, nothing to report... I have bought nothing this week and finished nothing this
week...oh well at least I have been sewing and working on scrap maintenence.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Just stuff

There are now 14 of these blocks...lots and lots to go. But , thats ok, I am in no hurry with this quilt, just trying to make about a block a week.
quilting is for my pleasure.
yesterday 5 of us got together and decided
to make the same quilt it should be interesting.
We have done things like this before. sometimes
it is amazing how diferent the same pattern looks as we each do it in our own fabric, colorways, and
themes. I have to decide whether to go totally
scrappy, or if I am going to control the chaos.

Monday, July 19, 2010

stash report 7/18/10 and design wall 7/19/10

stash report for 7/18 ... well I was bad a couple
of weeks ago...I bought 1/2 yard and 2 fat quarters of reds when shoping with friends.
So here goes on the stash report!
fabric purchased since last report 1 yd
fabric purchased year to date 1 yd
fabric used since last report 1.75 yds
fabric used year to date 37.75 yds
net fabric used year to date 36.25 yds
I am glad to report I didn't go backwards!
my design wall has 3 of the quilts that I am focusing on now...I am sashing and setting the pick
and choose quilt...the green red and gold quilt is a New years eve mystery from 2008...yhe scrappy bargello is from several years ago when bonnie hunter did the bargello bowl years ago...I am still plugging away with my crossing ohio quilt...I have 12 blocks done. So even tho
i have not posted I am getting albeit slowly, things done.
take some time to sew today!