Monday, January 18, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 18, 10

I know this is not a wall...its my dining room
table...since i forgot to flip the picture it kinda sorta looks like a wall!
to be honest, my wall looks just about the same
as it did last week...when i fell my neck was jarred and is far too tender to sew, so i haven't
been sewing. However I have an internal need
to play in far these are the 2" squares
that i have found around here...the box with tapered sides has patches in sets of 5...these
will probably end up being a stack of 9 patches
the white front flat box is the 2" squares that I have found in various scrap boxes, they are not
sorted in any way. The shoe box in the back has been sorted into stacks of light dark medium.
hopefully by the time i have enough 16 patches for my quilt made i will have sorted the flat box
into the other 2...and they should all fit into the wedge box for 9 patches...the misc patches with the light med dark stacks sorted. I am in no hurry, this is a leader ender project. At this point
I think the pinwheel patches will be blue and white to off white. I have more blue than anything in my stash so I hope to keep blue as a focus for a while. The main thing tho is to get the 2" squares under control...I finely have the 2" strips in dark light order with nothing shorter than 12" in the drawer! Scrap maintence is an ongoing program!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

stash report 1/17/'s gonna be something old!

I still have nothing to report...0 yardage used or purchased
talk about poor progress. I was hoping to have the lavendar to
purple baby quilt finished by now...BUT i fell several days ago
and have been too sore to machine quilt. I haven't been sewing either.
I guess I am a whimp. I am fine nothing broken...just very sore with
injured pride. Yes, I went to ER...I have been prodded and poked
and scanned and I do have tests schedualed Feb 16 to see if there
are underlying causes. nuff said on subject for now...i will know more
after my trip for when tests are schedualed.

as to my old or new quandry...I have decided to work on an old...
my shoe box of 2" squares will be first sewn into 4 patches, then
turn into 16 patches for a pinwheel and 16 patch quilt. I found
the barely started patches in my UFO stash and the shoe box is getting
hard to close...its a bonnie hunter pattern from forever ago!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 10, 10

I know its tuesday...but I did take my picture yesterday and this is what was on there then!
as uaual I have more than one quilt showing...ther are even pieces and parts of 2 others that
are up but did not fit in the picture. my pick and choose is back on the wall...i have 11 more blocks to cut, then it will go down until i am ready for the final assembly...maybe.
the rail fence is a 1999 start so it is my ufo focus. the 5 piece rails make a 7.5 finished block.
easy mindless sewing. obviously I do not work on one quilt at a time. always at least 3 or
4 at the piecing stage.
every one have a wonderful quilty week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

stash report...1/10/10

i decided unless I am out of town i am going to report each week so once again i have
no changes...0 yds purchased or used year to date

i know its weird for me...i truely feel for me its not busted intil the project is done
until its done i can change my mind.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 4, 10

Here it is the first monday of the year! Ofcoarse my design wall has a carry over on it

from last year! I made the last of the blocks for this goose creek quilt as ender leaders as I worked on the lavender to purple quilt. I was short one block in the bottom row when i took the picture...its now done and I will be assembling the top soon.
every day is bringing some progress some shows, some doesn't...I want to keep making progress in my life through out the year.

stash report for 1/03/10

Last year I tried this and found I was frustrated and obsessed because I was adding in gifted
fabric. I gave up. This year I am only keeping track of my fabric purchases and finished
use. It won't be as accurate and I know this...but I think if I keep track of my useage and
my purchases I will be able to see where my stash usage is gaining on my purchases.
maybe next year (or the one after that) I will be able to deal with the entire stash...but
this year I am starting at 0. that said:

fabric used this week 00 yds
fabric purchased this week 00 yds
net fabric used YTdate 00 yds


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm getting there

The lavender to purple quilt is ready for borders...they
will be small and simple. I am acually on schedual with
this quilt! Unless leahs friend has her baby early I will
have the quilt done on time! at first I was not sure I liked
the quilt...i have trouble working in just 2 colors but with a full range of lavenders to purple i think it looks good.
of coarse I used really scrappy enders and leaders as i worked and that helped. I will probably put a narrow white border on first then a slightly wider lavendar one on next.
the quilt is large enough now...i just want the borders to stop the action...otherwise i would stop now and quilt it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

goals for 2010

no picture just a statment of intent. I do not make new years resolutions because if i breake them i feel that i have failed...i do set goals so if i mess up I can get back on track! that said here are my goals for this year:

1. complete 12 quilts...they may be UFOs, WIPs or WHIMMs

2. Shop my stash first

3. Continue to Iron and organize my stash first.

4. get my eating back on track...5-7 serving, at least, of veggies or fruit per day

5. quit hibernating...Enjoy my friends!

simple but sometimes oh so hard