Thursday, September 23, 2010

slow but sure

but, at least I got something done.  I hope to get to the next step tonight.  I have gotten all the background parts for the center medalion of this quilt ready to assemble and all the sashing done on the pick and choose quilt...I am working on piecing the HST for the borders.  I am not going to get much more done this week...I am going to be gone for about 10 days starting next Tues.  My push now is getting ready for the trip.

I am looking for some small hand work to take with me.  I am not taking this quilt...I loose things too easily.  Maybe I will take a vacation from quilting?

Monday, September 13, 2010

design wall monday sept 13, 2010

Once again a jumble....the missing left half of the wall holds the center of the Album of Memories that still needs more rail fences made so i can get it assembled. the half square triangle squares are part of the borders of the pick and choose quilt. I have many more to make and the outside sashing yet to put on. The upper right has the center square of the quilt in the picture to the left of it. the applique has been missing for 4 or 5 years.
I found it while sorting thru boxes, you know, the organization thing. I found the pattern insert, and the directions in another 2 boxes. I still have not found the directions to parts 4,5 and 6 of the hearts and apron strings quilt that is on the bottom left of this wall. I don't know if I will make any progress on any of these quilts this week, I am still canning.
my goals this week are simple:
1. Keep up with the canning
2. keep sorting and organizing the sewing room and stash area.
3. make 1 Crossing Ohio block
4. finish sashing the Pick and Choose quilt
5. thank God for all my blessings
Have a great week! ann

Sunday, September 12, 2010

stash report Sept 12, 2010...and a start

not much of a start...but it's my beginning of the applique work for Robert Callaham's Album of Memories...its an act of faith...this will be a quilt! Accually, it will be the Apple Glory Block. I do have these 4 stems basted on...hopefully, I will have time to work on it this week. There is still a lot of canning to do and sometimes I am just too tired to sew at night. But this is a start!
I was bad since my last stash report...I bought two half yard is a black that I am using in the center medalion in this quilt and the other a WOC for background piecing in this quilt so at least it wasn't buying for no reason so....... my stash report since my last one is:
Fabric purchased 1yd
Fabric used 0yds
Fabric purchased year to date 2yds
Fabric used year to date 37.75 yds
Net fabric used year to date 35.75
It sure is a good thing I am not in a race! I am enjoying the process even tho I am slow...
and no fabric is counted as used until the project is done...I change my mind too often to count it before then.
Time to fix some supper....Ann

Friday, September 10, 2010

19 done 23 to go...

I finely made my decison on how big and how to set my crossing Ohio quilt. It will be set with 1" sashings and with
corner stones to continue the crossing part. I finished cutting the red centers while Irene was here yesterday. There will be 42 blocks set 6x7...I aim for about one a week...but that doesn't always happen this week canning got in the way. I will be taking this off the wall this weekend now that I have the centers all cut. Yep, 42 different reds. I guess I am obsessive they are all numbered so I make the right number of blocks...I love those stickie things for that!
I probably won't get much quilting done this weekend...
still have tomatoes to can and grape jam to make. At least I know that I will be eating well this winter. I am going to try to get
the album of memories blocks all traced and the overlays made...or at least more of them ready. Still have backgrounds to make...lots of prep work on this quilt, but
well worth it! have a great week end, ann

Monday, September 6, 2010

design wall monday ... Sept 6, 2010

This is where I am on Robert Callaham's Album of memories...not very far. It's an awsome quilt!
The center medallion block is 39x39". I still have a bunch of 3.5 rail blocks to make before i can assemble it. There are 9 appliqued blocks, these are worked on pieced neutrals. I do have one
overlay ready to go. This quilt is going to take me forever to make but, it's an awsome quilt, well worth the effort. Good thing quilting is not a race! The nine patch and snow ball are not part of this quilt...neither is the lastsashing strip on the goes to my pick and choose quilt. Ah well, I only have 6 more pieced back grounds to get together after the center medallion...and 7 pieced blocks to make. Ann

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sept already...

accually its the 4th and I usually have decided what I am going to focus on for the month by now.. but I have been all un focused for quite a while so now I am going to lock in and get going once again.

The chaos in my sewing room and my stash is really getting to me, so this month I am going
to get enough order in these areas that I can stand to work both in the sewing room and the section of the garage that houses the stash...I am tired of heaps...both areas have major heaps...
the heaps in the sewing room keeps me from sewing and cutting efficiently...the heaps in the garage? I can't find anything! It gets worse as I try to find stuff. so... rather than have heaps of ironing...just hanging around all over the couch and in boxes every where I think i will try
rewetting a stack of fabric at a time and fold them NEATLY as they come out of the dryer, sort
as I do for color and or type. Iron as I have time or need the fabric...I haven't decided at this point whether I will put them in boxes and totes or on the shelves til ironed at this point but the heaps
are going to be under control. Surely I have time for a dryer load a day!

the sewing room? keep the cutting area clear...when cutting put material away as I use it, by project if I am not done...keep it all together! when working with scraps, if possible, work box to box or better yet cut scraps clear gone when possible. Put usable strips away in their proper drawers when thru with days cutting...same with squares and rectangles...the boxes are marked by size put them ( the squares and rectangles) away!

Straighten the yardage shelves...

OK, this is a start... hopefully I will see a big difference by the end of the month...