Saturday, February 28, 2009

man i'm slow this week

i should have both of these mats done by now and here i am just quilting the first one. accually i have been fighting a nasty migraine for the last 3 days and just done a little at a time. i don't get migraines very often anymore but every once in a while one rears its ugly head. i am better now, i sure hope i have seen the end of this one! hopefully, next week i will get more accomplished.

i guess first things first...since i have been down i have to unbury the house. its amaizing with only 2 of us here how much damage can be done to the order in the house in just three days!

quilt wise

i want to get the sisters choice quilt turned on the frame and finish quilting it

star blocks for swap finished

the bath mats quilted

work on the NYE mystery

larry has no schedualed appointments this week. for that we are both grateful. he has had a bad few days so maybe being home and resting will help.

not much to report on the stash report but here goes

fabric added this week 1 yd year to date 9 yds

fabric busted this week 00 year to date 34.55 net bust for year 33.55

aprox fabric on hand 3291.45

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