Monday, February 16, 2009

well both of my testers told me to go ahead and trim the edges and bind the quilt!!
so i probably will on thursday...larry has tests tomarrow so we will be gone most of the day.
this quilt is sashed and will be bound with unbleached...larry's choice. at first i argued
with him but as i look at it now i think he is right. i learned a lot working on this quilt...
and will make more QAYG projects, what a great way to use up all those batting scraps!!
my big brother is finely back from the repair shop, i picked it up this afternoon so i will
hopefully get started on auntie grace in the morning!!! i have drew and laura's quilt all
ready to restart just have to wind some bobbins and i am about ready to quilt!!!
i finely have all i need to start my miranda bag, will be cutting it soon... once again i will
be doing something new golly, even we that are less young can learn!! i am so glad i have
this incredable stash i would hate to have to buy much material at todays prices!
my stash
larry is holding his own
my friends

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Veronica said...

That's a big quilt, Ann! I almost missed the pretty face under the quilt and the cute puppy sitting on it. lol Great job!