Saturday, February 14, 2009

plugging away on the bulls eye quilt

i am now adding the 1st step of the 4th row...its slow going for me but it's working!!! There area total of 10 rows so they probably won't get done for a couple of days. Larry usually gets company on the week ends and that puts a crimp in my sewing time...but i am glad he gets the company. once the quilt is together just binding and label so i should have this done by the middle of next week.

my stash report has not changed i have still finished nothing, added nothing....Yikes!!! i sure need my brother 1500 so i can use auntie grace, oh well, i am getting a slow gain...there should be a number change next week. i will probably try to get the bath mats i am working on done if my quilting system is still down and ofcoarse the bulls eye should be done too.

gratitude: we had good weather and roads for larry's dr appt's


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Veronica said...

Hi Ann. You are doing great with the qayg technique. Are these the blocks from an exchange we did a while back? Keep it up!