Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sometimes quilting is an act of faith...

this picture is one of the 2 bathmats that i have in progress.
it is ready to sew and birth (simple process, sew around
all four sides leaving a small area unsewn so i can turn it
rightside out). i saw a bath mat on line a year or so ago, and
i am sorry i have no idea where, my old puter ate the site.
anyway i made changes to suit myself but it would be nice
if i could give credit for the idea where it belongs.

the backing has been cut from an old bath towel, there is no batting.

hopefully in a couple of days i can show you the finished mats!

yesterday was a great day, Franny and Margaret came
to visit from columbus. we went out to lunch and went to
Mrs millers dry goods store.

i did well, i bought 2 quarter yard and 1 half yard cut of
fabric that i accually needed. i also bought a king batting, need that if i am ever going to get my trail mix quilt done.

we came back to the house and spent some time with larry all 3 of us working on projects
as we chattered. all and all it was a great day! thankyou franny and margaret for the fun day and thankyou brandy
for staying with your dad so i could have a day out.

well, its time to birth 2 bath mats

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