Saturday, February 21, 2009

UFO #2 for the year is DONE!!

golly,it feels good to acually get something done.

i have learned a lot doing this quilt...its my first QAYG (but not the last),

first folded triangle label and only the second time i have used erica wilsons completely machine applied binding.

hard to believe i have been playing with quilts since the 60's and just now tried some of these methods.

after i make a med run for larry, i hope to finish piecing a bathmat...its #2 of a set, then i will try to mach applique both of them at the same time. would like to be able to get them both done and in the mail by next week. then it will back to my ufo's for a bit.


1 comment:

ANudge said...

Oh that is a beautiful quilt, Ann. Is that a keeper or do you have someone lined up for it?

I'm going to have to try and do one of those.