Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekly stash report-plus misc

i can't believe that jan is gone!

there were no changes in my totals this week
but since jan is gone i am listing the full report.
fabric added this week 0
fabric added in jan 8 yds
fabric added year to date 8 yds
fabric busted this week 0
fabric busted in jan 12.8
fabrick busted year to date 12.8
net busted this year 12.8 yds
estimated fabric on hand 3312.2 yds
acually thes totals are not quite as bad as they look... i do not count fabric as busted until
the project is totally done.
sure wish i would get a phone call from the repair shop telling me that my brother 1500's
part were in. i am lost without my auntie grace. but, i have been getting a lot of peicing done.
i have always wanted to try a QAYG quilt, so i dug thru my Ufo's and found some almost
done bullseye blocks...i finished the blocks, and now i am quilting them. i ended up with
92 blocks so will have a fairly large quilt blocks are unfinished at 8.25" so quilt should be
about 72+ X would have been nice to find a smaller project to learn on. i guess i
never do things the easy way
miz scrappy pants- ann

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