Monday, January 26, 2009

the sisters choice quilt is ready to quilt, again

i finely got it completely unquilted this morning. now i wait for the factory part for the brother...then once again i can quilt!!!
until then i keep on cutting and piecing.
the picture is clue #5 of my NYE mystery...on to clue # 6 i accually got all the HST's all pieced so now to get them all on the ends of their 4.5
strips. i probably won't have much sewing time
today so it will be a while to get them all done.
i am doing step one on my DD ...but at this point
it is in rotation. once this one id done the DD will be the quilt that i focus on unless i happen
to get something else to borders or ready to set.
the sisters choice is ready to requilt
we had a good weekend

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