Sunday, January 18, 2009

I thought i was done with my swap blocks

just a simple jacob's ladder! then, as i was pressing the blocks, i found i get to spend some

time reverse sewing. my seam ripper is one of my most important tools! the first picture is

what i had put together.
...the other is what i should have done!
this wouldn't have been so bad except, i had resewn these 2 blocks earlier.
i know i am dislectic but this is getting fustrating. when i finely get these
done and in the mail it will be a relief.

i hope to post later today I have to figure my yardage for the week, i know i
didnt gain in usage this week because i have not finished anything, and thats when
i count yardage as busted. i also know i added 8 yards spent part of my Christmas
gifts at joanns.

gratitude for the day:

larry slept well last night
temps above 0 this morning

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