Friday, January 16, 2009

i'm slowly gaining kinda sorta

i think i am going to post pictures here and there as i finish steps. if i don't, im going to

bog down thinking i am getting nowhere. last night i finished step 3 of my NYE mystery.

i have also been working on the presewing at the same time, boy there sure is a lot of it!
my machine quilting on auntie grace has come
to a 4 to 6 week brother is in for service
and they are special ordering a part for me.
this really puts my ufo progress behind.
i think most of what i have started takes the frame, it hurts to bad to try to get big stuff
manovered so... i guess i am on major hold.
i have a few small WIPS and WHIMMs that i will work on while auntie grace is down.
i also have one or two that i could try QAYG and ofcoarse there is that huge stack of
ufo's to piece...or half cut projects etc. etc. etc.
i guess instead of whineing i had better figure out ate alternatives.
i think i have enough of my DD cut that i am going to put it in my sewing rotation
ann aka miss scrappy pants

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