Sunday, January 11, 2009

the year's first finish!!!

finely, i finished this X and O quilt , Hugs and kisses for Amanda, my grandaughter, It is 84"X104"...looks great in 30's fabric. now i have to find a box and get it in the mail. this one is done with each square in a different fabric. i am working on the border of a second one that is all scrappy. i accually took this off auntie grace on jan 2, 09 but couldn't decide how to bind it. i finely decided on random lengths of different 30's fabrics. at least now i know how i will bind the scrappy one.

i no more got the quilt labeled and washed and in the dryer
today, and my 16 year old DGS cme over and asked me to
teach him how to sew...what did he want to sew? first things first, he wanted to fix his jeans. first he got to sew just on 2 pieces of denim to get the feel of the machine, then, we found a piece of denim that came close to matching i helped him cut and pin the patch, and had him sew it on. frankly chase did a great job and says he would like to make something i told him to decide what and i would help him.

its sunday so it is time for my fabric fabric usage goal for the year
is 100 yards

i added no fabric this week total added for year is 0 yds.
i busted 12.8 yds this week, making my year to date total 12.8 yds

i may not have a bust for the next couple of weeks unless i do some small projects
on my sewing brother that i use on auntie grace is in the shop for
service. infact i have about 20 X 104 to unquilt the quilt that is on the frame
right now. hopefully i will be done taking the nasty quilting out before big
brother comes home. back to piecing. ann


Veronica said...

Ann, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your first finish of the year. You go, girl!

Vickie said...

Ann it looks great. I didn't put another border on mine that you quilted just a plain binding.

Congrats on your first finished project for the year.

Franie said...

I love it--was not thinking it would like that from all the talk about it--so I had to look. LOL

Very very nice!

Sue said...

Way to go Ann! Your quilt is beautiful as I knew it would be.

Susan said...

This is a really beautiful quilt. I like it so much.
I am sorry to hear that your husband isn't well. We haven't ever met, but he will be in my prayers.