Thursday, January 22, 2009

i am getting less young mighty fast!!!

today i hit the 68 year marker...i am still well, still quilting, and, still
able to take care of larry AND remembered to get my new license plates yep,
and the new drivers license!! i have many gratitudes today this was just the

well, here is my step 4 of the NYE mystery...
am about half way thru step 5...slowly i am gaining.

this has been a strange week, a lot of much needed running. ah well, now its done for a while. sure didn't get a whole lot done around here,
the running takes a huge hunk out of the day. i am still picking out the quilting on my sisters choice quilt...sure wish i were done. i still have 3 thru 5 weeks or more with out a working auntie grace sure miss my big brother (1500 series) i don't know why i am in such a rush, i still have a lot of quilting to undo.

its quiet here now, finely, larry had company most of the day so i am going to try to get some sewing done... miss scrappy pants, ann

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