Monday, January 19, 2009

stah report and larry

i guess i had better get last weeks fabric report in...if i don't
keep after myself i will completely forget to keep track.

stash report thru 01/17/09

fabric added this week 8 yds
fabric added this month 8 yds
fabric added year to date 8 yds

fabric busted this week 0
fabric busted this month 12.8 yds
fabric busted year to date 12.8 yds

Net busted year to date 4.8 yds

until auntie grace is up and running my stash busting is going to be very, very
limited. at least this is a private challenge and i know that i am still sewing
most days.

today Larry had a Dr appt so we spent the day dealing with
medical stuff. he is still loosing weight he now ways only 100 lbs. it is so
scarey...he eats all the time. we found out today that the cancer in the "good"
lung is growing. larry opped to wait a month before starting another round
of chemo, he and the dr are concerned about is he strong enough to tolerate
the chemo. It has been a long hard year for him. at least we at this point
are keeping his pain under control.

it is late, i am going to try to get some sleep now.


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