Wednesday, January 14, 2009

soon to be a bathmat

well,its beginning to look like its going to turn
into something. hanging off the back ar a bunch
of leader enders. when i took this off the machine
to press the horizontal rows larry just shook his head. with the leader enders hanging off the
half done web it did look pretty strange.

three more rows and i will applque some feet on there...purple on this one, its for leah...then
an old towel for backing, just looks kinda strange
at this point. honest, it will be a bath mat!!

i have been unquilting the mess on auntie grace
for almost a week now. i sure hope i get it done
before big brother comes back from the shop...i would like to get my sister's choice quilted.
i guess every one took their machine in at the same time cause they told me it would be about 2 weeks till it was done, usually its about 3 days.

Larry is asleep, so its back downstairs to unquilt a while. ann

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