Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunday ramblings and stash report

well, as usual i had bigger plans for yesterday than i had time and energy!! i do have
both bath mats pieced, today i hope to get the appliques fused and on the mats, i would
love to say that i will have the applque work done but, this is sunday and larry usually
has bunches of company. if he doesn't i should get some done. after all, i don't have
the templates finished yet, thought i would have that much done. at least i have the fabric
all pulled.

i will be sewing on other stuff up here til i get a chance to go downstairs and get all the prep
work done...still have half square triangles to sew for my scrappy X and O UFO, my NYE
mystery, DD etc etc etc.

i cannot believe how much stash the bulleye quilt busted! with 90 back ground squaresplus 9o 0f 8", 6", and 4" squares to cut circles just for the blocks alone by the time i added shashing backing and binding that baby took 21.75 yds!

stash report for this week:

stash added this week: 00 year to date: 8 yds
stash busted this week 21.75 year to date: 34.55 yds

fabric on hand: 3290.45 aprox


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