Monday, January 26, 2009

the sisters choice quilt is ready to quilt, again

i finely got it completely unquilted this morning. now i wait for the factory part for the brother...then once again i can quilt!!!
until then i keep on cutting and piecing.
the picture is clue #5 of my NYE mystery...on to clue # 6 i accually got all the HST's all pieced so now to get them all on the ends of their 4.5
strips. i probably won't have much sewing time
today so it will be a while to get them all done.
i am doing step one on my DD ...but at this point
it is in rotation. once this one id done the DD will be the quilt that i focus on unless i happen
to get something else to borders or ready to set.
the sisters choice is ready to requilt
we had a good weekend

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i am getting less young mighty fast!!!

today i hit the 68 year marker...i am still well, still quilting, and, still
able to take care of larry AND remembered to get my new license plates yep,
and the new drivers license!! i have many gratitudes today this was just the

well, here is my step 4 of the NYE mystery...
am about half way thru step 5...slowly i am gaining.

this has been a strange week, a lot of much needed running. ah well, now its done for a while. sure didn't get a whole lot done around here,
the running takes a huge hunk out of the day. i am still picking out the quilting on my sisters choice quilt...sure wish i were done. i still have 3 thru 5 weeks or more with out a working auntie grace sure miss my big brother (1500 series) i don't know why i am in such a rush, i still have a lot of quilting to undo.

its quiet here now, finely, larry had company most of the day so i am going to try to get some sewing done... miss scrappy pants, ann

Monday, January 19, 2009

stah report and larry

i guess i had better get last weeks fabric report in...if i don't
keep after myself i will completely forget to keep track.

stash report thru 01/17/09

fabric added this week 8 yds
fabric added this month 8 yds
fabric added year to date 8 yds

fabric busted this week 0
fabric busted this month 12.8 yds
fabric busted year to date 12.8 yds

Net busted year to date 4.8 yds

until auntie grace is up and running my stash busting is going to be very, very
limited. at least this is a private challenge and i know that i am still sewing
most days.

today Larry had a Dr appt so we spent the day dealing with
medical stuff. he is still loosing weight he now ways only 100 lbs. it is so
scarey...he eats all the time. we found out today that the cancer in the "good"
lung is growing. larry opped to wait a month before starting another round
of chemo, he and the dr are concerned about is he strong enough to tolerate
the chemo. It has been a long hard year for him. at least we at this point
are keeping his pain under control.

it is late, i am going to try to get some sleep now.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

I thought i was done with my swap blocks

just a simple jacob's ladder! then, as i was pressing the blocks, i found i get to spend some

time reverse sewing. my seam ripper is one of my most important tools! the first picture is

what i had put together.
...the other is what i should have done!
this wouldn't have been so bad except, i had resewn these 2 blocks earlier.
i know i am dislectic but this is getting fustrating. when i finely get these
done and in the mail it will be a relief.

i hope to post later today I have to figure my yardage for the week, i know i
didnt gain in usage this week because i have not finished anything, and thats when
i count yardage as busted. i also know i added 8 yards spent part of my Christmas
gifts at joanns.

gratitude for the day:

larry slept well last night
temps above 0 this morning

Friday, January 16, 2009

i'm slowly gaining kinda sorta

i think i am going to post pictures here and there as i finish steps. if i don't, im going to

bog down thinking i am getting nowhere. last night i finished step 3 of my NYE mystery.

i have also been working on the presewing at the same time, boy there sure is a lot of it!
my machine quilting on auntie grace has come
to a 4 to 6 week brother is in for service
and they are special ordering a part for me.
this really puts my ufo progress behind.
i think most of what i have started takes the frame, it hurts to bad to try to get big stuff
manovered so... i guess i am on major hold.
i have a few small WIPS and WHIMMs that i will work on while auntie grace is down.
i also have one or two that i could try QAYG and ofcoarse there is that huge stack of
ufo's to piece...or half cut projects etc. etc. etc.
i guess instead of whineing i had better figure out ate alternatives.
i think i have enough of my DD cut that i am going to put it in my sewing rotation
ann aka miss scrappy pants

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

soon to be a bathmat

well,its beginning to look like its going to turn
into something. hanging off the back ar a bunch
of leader enders. when i took this off the machine
to press the horizontal rows larry just shook his head. with the leader enders hanging off the
half done web it did look pretty strange.

three more rows and i will applque some feet on there...purple on this one, its for leah...then
an old towel for backing, just looks kinda strange
at this point. honest, it will be a bath mat!!

i have been unquilting the mess on auntie grace
for almost a week now. i sure hope i get it done
before big brother comes back from the shop...i would like to get my sister's choice quilted.
i guess every one took their machine in at the same time cause they told me it would be about 2 weeks till it was done, usually its about 3 days.

Larry is asleep, so its back downstairs to unquilt a while. ann

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the year's first finish!!!

finely, i finished this X and O quilt , Hugs and kisses for Amanda, my grandaughter, It is 84"X104"...looks great in 30's fabric. now i have to find a box and get it in the mail. this one is done with each square in a different fabric. i am working on the border of a second one that is all scrappy. i accually took this off auntie grace on jan 2, 09 but couldn't decide how to bind it. i finely decided on random lengths of different 30's fabrics. at least now i know how i will bind the scrappy one.

i no more got the quilt labeled and washed and in the dryer
today, and my 16 year old DGS cme over and asked me to
teach him how to sew...what did he want to sew? first things first, he wanted to fix his jeans. first he got to sew just on 2 pieces of denim to get the feel of the machine, then, we found a piece of denim that came close to matching i helped him cut and pin the patch, and had him sew it on. frankly chase did a great job and says he would like to make something i told him to decide what and i would help him.

its sunday so it is time for my fabric fabric usage goal for the year
is 100 yards

i added no fabric this week total added for year is 0 yds.
i busted 12.8 yds this week, making my year to date total 12.8 yds

i may not have a bust for the next couple of weeks unless i do some small projects
on my sewing brother that i use on auntie grace is in the shop for
service. infact i have about 20 X 104 to unquilt the quilt that is on the frame
right now. hopefully i will be done taking the nasty quilting out before big
brother comes home. back to piecing. ann

Sunday, January 4, 2009

starting the new year

i know its after the first, but it's time to start tracking for the new year...i did not track
last year larry's illness devistated me and i just survived. i have adjusted now and hope to keep
myself on track. primarily i am his caregiver and his chearing section. we have decided to live each day as it fears of the what ifs.

here are my year to date goal is to bust 100 yards of stash...oh my, i will try to do a weekly up date on this goal.


Fabric added this week 00 yds
Fabric added this month 00 yds
Fabric added year to date 00 yds

Fabric busted this week 00 yds
Fabric busted this month 00 yds
Fabric busted year to date 00 yds

Net busted Year to date 00 yds

Estimated Fabric on hand Jan 1, 2009 3,325 yds
donated Jan 2, aprox 18 yds (poly)

i at this time am going to post in my blog rather than in my side bar. i hope to get
the side bar updated this week.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

it's a new year!!!

and yes i have goals...the main one is to get the ironing caught up so i can see what i have!!
i also would like to get 12 UFO's done done, label and all. i am going to try to
get my start to finsh quilts done done also. i am not saying i won't start a quilt before i have a finish, just saying i am going to keep what i start current.

since i work on more than one project at a time, hopefully i can keep things moving.

i always sound so ambitious on new years day so this year i decided to keep it simple and
just maybe i can follow thru.

i will be updating my side bar thru the month of january so i can keep better track. the hard thingwill probably be finding all my ufo's and listing them.

time to do house stuff